And Outdoor Wedding? And how to keep it cool

What is the main idea of having and outdoor wedding?

The walls of even the most luxurious restaurant significantly limit the embodiment of the bold ideas of the wedding organizers. There will be no such barriers outdoor. And this is the main advantage of this approach. All dreams, whether it be a fabulous carriage drawn by four horses, or tents with a hookah, or a Brazilian carnival – everything is possible to implement outdoor.

The most weird scenario invented by the hosts of the wedding can really be realized if the wedding is held outdoors. It can be a soap bubble show, a fancy dress masquerade, artificial snow, pigeons and even a balloon ride. In the evening, you can arrange a laser show or a luxurious salute. A background of green trees and white clouds, a soft carpet of grass, exotic plants – this is in any case better than the walls of the most chic restaurant.

Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding
Translated from English, rustic means rural. A wedding in a rustic style is a fairly fashionable trend. The idea of ​​such a wedding in nature is that the event is arranged under a simple, unpretentious rural style, without a hint of pomposity.

The main elements that define a wedding in a rustic style:

Wedding bouquet for the bride should be collected exclusively from wildflowers, without the presence of modern juewelry.

It is necessary to recreate the appropriate atmosphere. For this, the venue of the celebration is decorated with those elements that are usually present in the villages. These are wheat sheaves, wooden wheels, natural stones, iron horseshoes and other antiquities.

The furniture behind which the wedding banquet will take place, and its design should also be in the appropriate style. It includes wooden benches and tables, as well as tablecloths from canvas or even clay dishes.

Contests that will be held during the holiday, you need to choose according to a given topic. This can be jumping over a fire, sewing buttons at a speed to a padded jacket, weaving braids and others. The prize for the completed task can be a corn cob, a bunch of bagels, a glass of seeds, an ax, etc.

Beach Wedding

In order to have a wedding on the beach, it is not necessary to go to the sea or the ocean. For this purpose, the picturesque coast of some more modest reservoir is quite suitable. The main thing is the presence of water and a beach with sand.

A large number of thematic elements to design a party in this style is not required so as not to distract attention from the beautiful landscape. Instead of a voluminous and magnificent dress, the bride should choose a light, flowing outfit that will flutter in the wind and look great in photographs. Shoes are best picked up on a flat sole, because the heel will fall into the sand.

You can celebrate a wedding outdoors on the beach very dynamically by organizing fun contests such as beach volleyball, relay races and more. At the end of the holiday, you can hold a barefoot disco, where the sand will be warm sand.

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