Key reasons of wedding day in the manor

Do you know why a wedding day spent in the oceanfront vacation rental Wildhorse is so popular? Here are just the several reasons

  • Celebrating at our place gives you a chance to spend the remarkable day of your life outdoors. Fresh air and feeling free cannot be achieved in a traditional restaurant. But our manor is located in amazing heart of our region, where you can rely on wonderful views and unbelievable pictures at any time of the year.
  • Our recreation complex is equipped with all necessary technical units. There are comfortable banquet hall, hotel and spa complexes and everything else required for spending the event the best way.
  • We also can help you to plan and organize the wedding ceremony according to all your specific needs. We have a high experience in it, therefore you can be sure that we’ll give you the right advice and help to find a solution.
  • The total cost of the wedding spent in our manor is affordable. When you have any budget limits, you have to decide how to divide the costs. Visiting our manor will help you to find the right options. We have various solutions that will allow you to organize the unforgettable celebration according to your budget limits.
  • We offer our guests to accommodate in the hotel complex, in case the wedding celebration is planned for two days or more.
  • Stay with us for your honeymoon – we have lots of entertainment options to offer.

The wedding day in the country is amazing and for sure extraordinary. Traditional way of celebration is increasingly considered as a boring thing of the past. Spending your wedding day in the country becomes an advantage for both newly-weds and guests. Unforgettable pictures, well-organized plan of activities, delicious сuisin and special atmosphere – you get all of these, when you choose the “Wildhorse coastal” for your personal event.

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